Eagle Lake Yoga

How Did Eagle Lake Yoga Begin?

Eagle Lake Yoga started as a little idea on a paddle board as two moms floated out to sea (or let’s say the middle of the lake) with a drink (or two) in hand. Chatting and reflecting on life, cottaging and yes, of course yoga. It quickly became apparent that they needed to share their passion and ignite healing and transformation together in this spiritual and tranquil place they both love to call home!

What Does Eagle Lake Yoga Offer?

Currently, Eagle Lake Yoga offers (on our dock or your location) private one-on-one classes, group classes, event classes and will pop-up at various locations around the area! We can also offer weekend retreats and workshops.

We want you to leave your mat feeling like the work we’ve done together is relevant and that it makes a difference in your life. We don’t care if your goal is to simply touch your toes one day, just get away by yourself for an hour or to fly like an eagle! We are here to help you stress less, to be a little more present and to live your life with more ease.

Who Are They?

Betty Cushnaghan and Leah Garniss are both yoga instructors who teach and live in Barrie and Oakville, Ontario and during the summer stay on Eagle Lake near South River, Ontario. Betty and Leah discovered an opportunity to bring yoga to the Machar area and were inspired to develop Eagle Lake Yoga.

Betty Cushnaghan

Betty was first introduced to yoga in 2005 during a time in her life that she sought to find an escape from personal and professional stress. Almost immediately Betty began to feel the positive results of her practice both emotionally and physically. Yoga offered Betty the release and reconnect she needed and continues to benefit throughout life’s challenges. What yoga has given her she wanted to assist other students to experience and enjoy. This inspired her to complete her teacher training program with Dorothy Guerra, creator of Parivartan Yoga in Mississauga. Betty has taught at yoga studios, fitness centres, wellness centres and high schools. She has taught students of various levels and ages.

Dreams do come true! In 2009 Betty had her most precious dream come true; she became a new mother to her beautiful daughter. The truly indescribable experience of becoming a mother and sharing this experience with other new mothers and babies has taught Betty the importance and need for community connection and interaction, especially for new moms. Betty is thrilled to be offering classes unique for mothers and children to enjoy. After spending 13 years working in the corporate political business world Betty was excited and ready to make a change and follow another dream of hers; opening Studio W.I.S.E in Barrie. Studio W.I.S.E opened in September 2010 and has become an inviting and calming space for people to come together and feel what yoga and friendship can do for them.

Leah Garniss

Leah’s practice began as a way to get back into shape and to relieve tension from a high-stress corporate job. Little did she know it would change her life! Hitting her mat made her discover that through inquiry, meditation and asana she could find the courage to stand strong in her foundation of creating the life that served her best. Yoga inspires Leah to live each moment more mindfully, whether dealing with clients, or spending time with her husband and two sons.

Leah’s strength is offering a dynamic 60 minute power yoga sequence. She enjoys creating and nurturing an intuitive connection with each individual on their mat, with the goal of giving people a new perspective to help deepen their practice – mentally and physically. Leah’s hope is that her students step off their mat feeling inspired, relaxed, stronger and are able to bring some of that into all areas of their life and to others.

Leah is a 500 hour Certified Power Yoga Canada Teacher and currently teaches in Oakville, Ontario at Power Yoga Canada. She is a Trained Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher and a Power Yoga Canada Trained Assistant, also leading the assisting program in Oakville. Leah works with Healing Heroes, a yoga affiliation for first responders and individuals with PTSD.

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